Vivien Resofsky asks the rabbis the tough questions about child sexual abuse. What is the response?

Vivien Resofsky is a social worker with expertise in child protection. She has been a tireless campaigner for best practice in child protection policies and has been met with stiff opposition throughout the community. She has withstood threats and intimidation, when calling out various organisations for caring more about keeping rabbis and schools happy, than keeping children safe. But Vivien has refused to back down.

She wrote on June 2, 2018 on Facebook's Galus Australis Community -
'Seeking affirmation:

This matter involves: Vivien Resofsky a social worker, The Rabbinical Council of Australia & New Zealand (RCANZ).

In December 2016 I made a complaint to RCANZ against a rabbi who plays a leading role on the council. The RCANZ was established to reform the rabbinate after the Yeshiva/h Royal Commission into Institutional child sexual abuse.

In Dec 2016 I lodged additional complaints against the same rabbi, as matters emerged. During the complaints process I don’t believe that I was protected from further intimidation despite my original complaints that alleged intimidation by the rabbi.

My complaint raised many concerns about the behaviour, action and inaction of the rabbi in matters surrounding the response to child sexual abuse.

I have not as yet had a response by RCANZ in relation to my complaint.

What I want
• That the RCANZ hear my complaints in a forum that provides the opportunity to present a genuine expert to comment on the actions and inactions of the rabbi in relation to his support of a response to child sexual abuse.

• At the same time to investigate my allegation that I have been intimidated and threatened by the rabbi. If proved, what action will the RCANZ take?

• I believe that it would be in the public interest to know about this matter.

I will keep the Galus Australis community updated.

Vivien Resofsky'

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