AJDS does the work of ADC, JCCV, and ECAJ in exposing Avi Yemini

Most sane people agree: Jewish ‘representative’ orgs are unrepresentative swill for the most part.

There are notable exceptions, like Executive Council of Australian Jewry’s (ECAJ’s) research officer, Julie Nathan, who does some great work looking into the far right. But she seems to have neither the resources nor the direction to mount any activism to counter the increase in Nazi activity.

There was also the Jewish Community Council of Victoria’s (JCCV) David Marlow – but the lamentable JCCV leadership couldn’t be arsed to do the necessary strategic planning that would have found the money to pay for him. And now he’s gone.

So it’s pretty telling that the only organisations actually doing something meaningful about neo-Nazis are AJDS and Jews Against Fascism.

They stand in stark contrast to Dvir Abramovich, who enjoys dragging literal heroes like Julian Burnside into the Holocaust Museum.

This is doubly galling: Julian Burnside is a fearless crusader for human rights. Dvir? Well, there’s a reason the tag #FearlessDvir trends on Galus. #FearlessDvir is notorious for picking ‘safe’ targets.

We have asked Abramovich many times to confirm or deny the rumour circulating that he avoids confronting actual Nazis because he is afraid for himself and his family. And just as Abramovich seems too afraid to confront Nazis, he is similarly shy about responding to this allegation.

As I wrote in 2015, ‘You [Abramovich] don’t get to head up a blue ribbon Jewish community organisation–one that enjoys all manner of tax exemptions with extravagant government and communal funding–and not do your job.’

So while the dying, legacy orgs twiddle their thumbs and fellate Trump and Bibi, AJDS and JAF have gone and compiled this genius compendium of 6+ times Avi Yemini has consorted with neo-Nazis.

This is important because Avi is running for Victorian Parliament and would like us all to forget how very fucking cozy he’s been with people whose ideology centres around genocide of Jews.

So while the JCCV tries desperately to police the language AJDS uses around Israel, what every sane Jew needs to keep in mind, is the JCCV does *nothing* about the rise of the neo-Nazis, while the AJDS puts its arse on the line in the fight against fascism.

You judge who should be censured.

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