Private political hobby horse spokesman has opinion on news value – AIJAC and the ABC

Are you pressed for time? Let me do a tl;dr on the following article so you can spend your precious moments *not* having to read AIJAC copy.

AIJAC: Hey you fucking anti-Semites at the ABC, how can you not report on rockets coming out of Gaza?

ABC: Sorry, who are you again?

AIJAC: We’re a very important lobby group. Mark Leibler owns us

ABC: Sorry, who?

AIJAC: Mark Leibler! Jesus! He does stuff for the Liberal Party of Australia, I’ll have you know!

ABC: OK. can you tell me how many Israelis were killed by the rockets?

AIJAC: That’s not the point!

ABC: But we have finite resources, as the Liberal Party of Australia keeps slashing our budget. Did you know that hundreds of people just died in an earthquake in Guatemala?

AIJAC: Were any of them Jews?

ABC: Um, we’re not sure….

AIJAC: See? I told you you were anti-Semites!


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