Daniel Pipes joins Avi Yemini and the ALA in publicly supporting serial criminal, Tommy Robinson

Just s we're in no doubt: Tommy Robinson is a Nazi.

For those of you who wish to question the Nazi designation, read this, this, this, and this.

Daniel Pipes, meanwhile, is a hateful, 5th rate intellectual, and has been classified as a hate figure by the Southern Poverty Law Centre.

While Pipes really should be sinking into the obscurity suited to someone who makes shit up for a living, he was instead feted and honoured by The Australia Israel Jewish Affairs Council (AIJAC) who brought him to Australia to share his paranoia and poor scholarship.

And because Jewish Communicity Council of Victoria President (JCCV), Jennifer Huppert, never misses an opportunity to destroy what has taken years to build, she allowed a JCCV event to take place at which Pipes was the keynote speaker, thus smashing to smithereens the relationship between the JCCV and the Islamic Council of Victoria - the largest Muslim peak body in the state.

We all knew at the time this was a terrible idea; but that's only been confirmed now that Daniel Pipes is fundraisinsg for neo-nazi, Tommy Robinson's legal defence, and organising demonstrations protesting Robinson's conviction for contempt of court.

This spectacle is as astonishing as it is unedifying. The most puzzling aspect of all of this is what on earth an otherwise reasonable man like Mark Leibler, (AIJAC's founder and owner) was thinking getting into bed with a fruitcake like Pipes to begin with.

Fiona Qin writes on Facebook:

'ALA and Avi Yemini have organised protests at the British Consulate at Collins St, Melbourne in support of Tommy Robinson, accusing the British Government of wrongly incarcerating him. However, it is now proven that Tommy Robinson has been jailed for contempt of court and once again, the ALA and Avi have jumped the gun and have egg on their faces.'


https://www.facebook.com/ABCMediaWatch/videos/2171695536238247/?hc_location=ufi (Hat tip: Adam Meyer)

Hassan Adly also writes, '

So an activist is in jail in the UK and my FB feed includes a number of "Free Tommy Robinson!" posts.

Avi Yemini has of course jumped on this alt-right publicity bandwagon and was seen voicing his support at a protest at the British consulate, declaring (hashtag) IAMTOMMY.

Apparently, Tommy is in jail for "daring to speak out about muslim pedophiles".

It's easy to lose track of the huge number of individuals involved with the alt-right so I had to ask myself, who is Tommy Robinson, actually? I had a quick look and here is what I found. A colourful personality, to be sure.

Born Stephen Yaxley-Lennon, aliases Tommy Robinson, Andrew McMaster, Paul Harris. Prefers the name Tommy Robinson which comes from a prominent member of the violent MiG (Men in Gear) football hooligan gang from Luton.

Founder and former leader of UK-based neo-nazi organisation EDL (English Defence League).

2003 - Convicted of drunken assault of an off-duty police officer and jailed for 12 months. Due to criminal conviction, he loses apprenticeship and becomes unemployed.

2004 - Briefly joins British National Party

2009 - Having tasted success organising protests against Islamist attacks on UK troops returning from Afghanistan, creates EDL founded on virulent Islamophobic ideology.

2011 - convicted for involvement in 100-man football club brawl, receives community work and 3-year ban from attending football matches

2011 - Alleged in media to have ties to Norwegian terrorist Anders Breivik.

2011 - Arrested and jailed for 9 days for attending EDL demonstration in breach of bail conditions. Whilst in jail tells media he is a "political prisoner of the state" and goes on 24-hour hunger strike.

2011 - weeks later, arrested and convicted of common assault for head-butting fellow EDL member at rally

2012 - Arrested for illegally entering US under false identity, sentenced to 10 months imprisonment

2012 - Charged with multiple counts of conspiracy in mortgage fraud. Amidst pressure of court cases and prior criminal record, announces departure from EDL.

2013 - reported in media to have tweeted links to anti-semitic website "The traitor within"

2013-2014 - imprisoned 18 months for fraud convictions. Early release conditions include no contact with EDL

2015 - Forms British chapter of German nationalist right wing movement Pegida.

2017 - Becomes correspondent for Canadian-based alt-right media website "The Rebel Media".

2017 - Whilst being interviewed on Good Morning Britain, is told by host Piers Morgan that with his antics he is "stirring up hatred like a bigoted lunatic".

2017 - filmed in violent brawl during which he continues beating opponent with fists after he has fallen - claims self defence.

2017 - Convicted of contempt of court for illegal use of a camera inside a crown court in child rape case. Receives suspended sentence.

2018 - Arrested for breach of conditions of suspended sentence for livestreaming outside another crown court.

Tommy Robinson - what a guy! Appears to me that even career criminals and known thugs are able to achieve international support these days. I wouldn't be surprised if he's the first British PM in an electronic ankle bracelet!'

Meanwhile, if you'd like to read about Robinson threatening counter-terrorism police, have a read of this piece in The Independent.

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This man wants your vote
This man wants your vote
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