Why are there more Nazis than Jews on ECAJ’s Facebook page?

What would you say about a Jewish organisation that often hasĀ more engagement with neo-Nazis and the far right than with the Jews they were supposed to represent?

Might you suggest they are not really worth a whole lot?

Or that Facebook's algorithm is sending you a pretty strong message when the audience it delivers you also enjoys neo-Nazi Youtubers at 'The Daily Shoah'

And what would you say about the supposed peak 'representative' body of the Jewish community when it refuses to call out the most blatant Antiemitism seen in living memory, as it appeared in a nationally syndicated column?

Might you be tempted to make unflattering comparisons with certain Jewish collaborators of a different era?

And if you think such comparisons are unfair, might I point you in the direction of the lag between when a neo-Nazi (who threatens female journalists with rape) appeared on Sky News, and their condemnation of that appearance.

And might I also point out that the condemnation appeared in an august blog, J-Wire, read by pretty much no one - a blog that could not even get the name of the neo-Nazi right (see pictures). And that condemnation didn't even come from the President - it came from Executive Director and Philip Ruddock stunt-double, Peter Wertheim.

I'm sorry: a neo-Nazi appearing on national TV is not worth President, Anton Block's time?

What *would* be worth his time, then?

Cynical people might suggest that burying the condemnation deep in the pages of an unloved hobby blog was a deliberate strategy, because the Executive Council of Australian Jewry (ECAJ, to its friends) would rather avoid upsetting the folks at Newscorp/Sky - both owned by Rupert Murdoch.

What on earth would possess the Australian Jewish community's supposed 'peak' body to be so tremulous here? What exactly are they waiting for?

If you're wondering what takes up ECAJ's time that they're too busy to worry about Bolt ruminating on the Jewish problem and a neo-Nazi talking about slaughtering minorities, you'll be relieved to know that they are not idle.

The ECAJ folk busy themselves with an elaborate Walter Mitty-style fantasy life in which they are operatives for the Israeli Foreign Ministry - valiantly defending every fascist, theocratic, kleptocratic move that Bibi Netanyahu makes.

It's as tragic as it is embarrassing.

And of course, the ECAJ folk get to hobnob with politicians. Never forget that. It's about the only thing they do well... which is why we were treated a couple of years ago to the spectacle of Malcolm Roberts posing for a photo with an ECAJ member from Canberra. That's right: Malcolm Roberts of One Nation: the politician who is not shy about subscribing to conspiracy theories involving Jewish bankers running the world.

What will pique ECAJ's President, Anton Block's attention, however, is someone muscling in on his turf. Block was very cross when the AJA lunatics got some attention for their marvellous idea to bring a neo-Nazi on a visit to Caulfield.

You cannot make this shit up!

Of course, ECAJ is not the only organisation asleep at the wheel. The Anti-Defamation Commission (ADC) is led by Dvir Abramovich - a man singularly unconcerned with his organisation's mission statement or the foundation for its DGR status. #FearlessDvir may or may not have been forced into a denunciation of neo-Nazi, Blair Cottrell when The Australian came a-calling. But he's still cowering behind the sofa, refusing to denounce the rabid Antisemitism of Andrew Bolt's filthy piece syndicated throughout Newscorp.

Don't these folks make you proud?


Me either.

'Collaborator' is far too kind a word for any of them.

What do you get when you cross Pippa Ruddock and Walter MItty?
What do you get when you cross Pippa Ruddock and Walter MItty?

Let's have a look at the people ECAJ is engaging (hint: they ain't Jews)

This gentleman is an ECAJ fan
This gentleman is an ECAJ fan
Another ECAJ fan
Another ECAJ fan
Fucken whoops!
Fucken whoops!

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