How does the AJN reward an Antisemitic screed? By giving the author more column inches!

When it comes to stellar judgement, it's hard to go past the folks at the Australian Jewish News (AJN). </sarcasm>

Over the past week, the community has been treated to a couple of notable forays into Antisemitism in the wider Australian media.

And just as our national, supposed 'representative' body, The Executive Council of Australian Jewry (ECAJ), cowered in the face of it all, the AJN reflected this sick culture of forelock-tugging towards the far right as well.

After Andrew Bolt continued his campaign to incite hatred against anyone who is not white, male, and Christian - this time, naming Jews as a community of concern - via his nationally syndicated column in the Murdoch Press (Herald-Sun, Daily Tele etc.), the AJN thought the only fair thing to do would be to give Bolt more column inches.

The brains trust at the AJN (Josh Levi, his fancy boy, Zeddy Lawrence, and the latest edition to the sausage fest team, Rebecca Davis) thought it imperative they give Bolt the opportunity to sink the boot into the only 'leaders' who had the ovaries to tell Bolt to fuck himself, Jennifer Huppert and Dvir Abramovich.


So in this topsy-turvy world, ECAJ's audience is Nazis, and the AJN favours a journo unafraid of Antisemitic dog-whistling over communal figures trying to do the right thing.

As we so often have cause to say around these parts, you cannot make this shit up!

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  1. Sivan on August 9, 2018 at 9:48 am

    Un Freaking Believable

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