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Why are there more Nazis than Jews on ECAJ’s Facebook page?

Dear Andrew Bolt: The Jews want you to fuck off. Now.

False tzniut: using modesty as a gag – by Yvonne Fein

Dead people can’t consent: how sympathy porn and self-aggrandisement robbed a man of his final chance at dignity

Why did Emmy Monash prioritise the ruling of a rape apologist over the work of a volunteer?

Yeshiva University’s Hershel Schachter on ‘schvartzes,’ monkey-women, and not going to the cops after you’ve been raped

Daniel Pipes joins Avi Yemini and the ALA in publicly supporting serial criminal, Tommy Robinson

Hours I’ll never get back: Alex reports from the JCCV Plenum

Dear ABC, you’re allowed to tell Colin to bugger off because AIJAC is just some guy’s private thang

Limmud Oz 2018: the sensible centre triumphs over kvetching extremists

How the JCCV destroyed decades of interfaith work – among other things

AJDS does the work of ADC, JCCV, and ECAJ in exposing Avi Yemini

Private political hobby horse spokesman has opinion on news value – AIJAC and the ABC

Dear right wing Jews: you have a problem.

What is the real reason Jennifer Huppert and Anton Herman want to kick the lefties out of the JCCV?

What Danny Lamm’s bizarre behaviour tells us about the health of the community

Wrong, Jennifer Huppert: how the JCCV’s ‘centrism’ is no mark of decency

Yeshiva University: a cesspit of misogyny and sexual depravity

A list of rabbis who have referred to people as, ‘monkeys’

Police State Judaism 101: What is a mamzer and what is an aguna?

A ‘mamzer‘ is a child born to a woman unlucky enough to be caught in the misogyny of Orthodox religious law. This is how it works: If you’re a woman who wishes to divorce her husband under Jewish law, you’d better hope your husband is on board. That’s because *only* the husband can initiate divorce.…

Meet the rabbis finishing Hitler’s work

Hat tip: Yaron Gottlieb If you’ve been watching the Israeli rabbinate – and their international acolytes – closely, this story will not come as a surprise. The intense, Saudi-style fundamentalism of Israel’s Haredi rabbis and their complete monopoly over conversion, marriage, divorce, and burial need to become central to conversations diaspora Jews have about Israel.…

Waiter, there’s a fascist in my alphabet soup: welcome to the AJA

Jews love soup. Jews love initialisms. Jews love shitting on other Jews. Jews love forming new, breakaway organisations after getting into fights with other Jews – sometimes over air-conditioning (yes, really!). The purest expression of all this is the newest pointless organisation to plunge into the past-its-use-by-date alphabet soup that is the organised Jewish community.…

This is all real. This is all urgent. This is Galus!

People get very cross with the Galus brand – be it here on this site, or over at the Galus Australis Community Facebook group. The accusations have a sameness about them, so we’ll answer them all in one spot. . Accusation: Galus is airing communal dirty linen in public. . Response: Wrong. The wider public…

Holocaust ‘education’: aka how to mess your kids up good and proper

As a kid in primary school, I remember sitting in the Scopus Burwood campus shul (synagogue) and thinking, ‘God wouldn’t be caught dead in a hole like this!’ Even at age 43, as a confirmed skeptic, I still can’t shake the belief in God. The other night, when trying to describe my faith to an…

Dear Greens, get your shit together

Dear Greens, It pains me to write smack about your party, because the alternatives are Labor (Jesus!) or Liberal (Fucken Jesus!). But when you guys aren’t cannibalising your candidates, or going after a woman who was sexually assaulted by one of your own, you’re kicking other own goals in spectacular fashion. And nowhere do you…

Do you suffer from culturally specific agoraphobia?

Do you suffer from Culturally Specific Agoraphobia? This malady may not have made it into the psychiatric bible, the DSM, but boy – there’s an epidemic of it in the Jewish community! And it seems to affect women disproportionately. When it comes to opining on the health of our community, our ‘leaders’ have basically two…

Israel for Jews 101: what they don’t teach you about your lack of rights

Australian Jews who go to the Zionist schools or youth movements, or most of the synagogues, are taught that Israel is the Jews’ safe haven. Should everything go to shit, we’re told, we can always escape to the Jewish state and enjoy a liberal democratic paradise. Indeed, it is this logic that allows many Australian…

Are you Amalek? How you might be destroying the Jewish people

By Alex Fein This piece was originally posted for Pesach, on Galus Facebook on March 30, 2018. Are you Amalek? Are you in part responsible for the destruction of the Jewish people? Let me tell you a story…. I don’t know about you, but I’m sick to fucking death of the cliched interpretations of the…

No, I don’t need to join your shitty organisation to call it out.

What were you doing ten years ago? Getting drunk at uni? Shitting your nappy? Both? Nearly ten years ago, I began my quixotic journey of explaining to assorted well-meaning types and dumb fuckknuckles that no, one doesn’t need to be part of an organisation to know that it’s shit. Indeed, the philosophers among us might…


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