How does the AJN reward an Antisemitic screed? By giving the author more column inches!

Why are there more Nazis than Jews on ECAJ’s Facebook page?

Dear Andrew Bolt: The Jews want you to fuck off. Now.

False tzniut: using modesty as a gag – by Yvonne Fein

Dead people can’t consent: how sympathy porn and self-aggrandisement robbed a man of his final chance at dignity

Why did Emmy Monash prioritise the ruling of a rape apologist over the work of a volunteer?

Yeshiva University’s Hershel Schachter on ‘schvartzes,’ monkey-women, and not going to the cops after you’ve been raped

Daniel Pipes joins Avi Yemini and the ALA in publicly supporting serial criminal, Tommy Robinson

Hours I’ll never get back: Alex reports from the JCCV Plenum

Dear ABC, you’re allowed to tell Colin to bugger off because AIJAC is just some guy’s private thang

Limmud Oz 2018: the sensible centre triumphs over kvetching extremists

How the JCCV destroyed decades of interfaith work – among other things

AJDS does the work of ADC, JCCV, and ECAJ in exposing Avi Yemini

Private political hobby horse spokesman has opinion on news value – AIJAC and the ABC

Dear right wing Jews: you have a problem.

What is the real reason Jennifer Huppert and Anton Herman want to kick the lefties out of the JCCV?

What Danny Lamm’s bizarre behaviour tells us about the health of the community

Wrong, Jennifer Huppert: how the JCCV’s ‘centrism’ is no mark of decency

Yeshiva University: a cesspit of misogyny and sexual depravity

A list of rabbis who have referred to people as, ‘monkeys’

Who is Mark Durie, guest of AJA?

Many thanks to Larry Stillman who wrote this great summary, on Oct 25, 2017 on Facebook, of AJA guest, Mark Durie. ‘Bill Rubinstein had a piece in Jwire which attacks the JCCV, the Zionist Council and everyone else for being hostile to Jewish conservative political interests. In it he also offers a defence of the…

AJDS and Jews Against Fascism launch campaign to stop Nazi consort, Avi Yemini’s bid for Victorian Parliament

The Australian Jewish Democratic Society (AJDS) and Jews Against Fascism have joined together to launch a campaign to stop ‘renowned’ Nazi consort and media fancy boy, Avi Yemini, in his bid for a seat in the Victorian Parliament’s Upper House. They write, ‘For years Avi Yemini has built an alt-right cult of personality as a…

David Marlow resigns as Exec Director of the JCCV

Hmmm… what *could* this mean?! Is it a funding issue? (yes) Is it a politics issue? (maybe) Is it something else? (probably) The Jewish Community Council of Victoria will be losing a competent, decent person, even if we disagree about the level of openness a representative organisation should practice.

Does Melbourne’s Jewish community have an anti-vax problem?

Originally posted March 22 on Facebook – Considering the Jewish-heavy population of Caulfield North and East St Kilda, and considering the frighteningly low rates of vaccination in these areas, the community likely has a serious problem. How about, instead of obsessing over shit that matters not a whit to our safety (ie, whether Fairfax and…

Live blogging the Monash Gen17 public forum

Reasonably full house at the Gen17 public forum, but as with all these things, you can count the number of people under 65 on 2 hands. They’re starting off defending the validity of the study which is nice! For the full thread, live blogging the Monash Gen17 public forum, go here.  

The mistake of separating Sharia from other religious laws

Alex Fein writes on May 27, 2018 on Facebook: ‘And, of course, Halacha should get a mention here too. How much agony has been caused by people wielding Mesirah as a weapon to bully and silence survivors of abuse?’ Pam Hopf responds: ‘Yes, Halacha as interpreted by the ultra orthodox is just as bad. Yet most…

David Zyngier: ‘Why should a Committee on Foreign Affairs be concerned with religious freedom in Australia?’

David Zyngier writes on June 5, 2018 on Facebook, ‘Why should a Committee on Foreign Affairs be concerned with religious freedom in Australia? Because it’s chaired by Kevin Andrews, that’s why. (Mis)using his position to push his religious agenda: he claims the threats to religious freedom in Australia are “subtle”, most apparent with the advent…


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